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Webpage to PDF Microservice

Automate PDF Report Generation

I create a lot of data visualizations for clients, many of which are internal, portal-style websites that present data in real time, as well as give options for viewing reports from previous time-frames. PDFs are useful for data such as bank statements or any form of time-snapshot progress reporting. It is common for clients to want PDF versions generated on a regular basis for sharing through email or other technologies.

JWT Microservice, Tokenize Remote APIs

Using txToken to create JWT Tokens from JSON POST data.

txToken is a small high performance microservice utility container. txToken is used for adding JSON Web Token based security to existing or new API development. txToken is specifically for systems that communicate in JSON over HTTP. txToken is called from a client with a JSON post body and passes received JSON to a remote endpoint. JSON retrieved from a remote endpoint is used to create a JWT token with an HS256 symmetrically encrypted signature.

Don't Install cqlsh

Containers as utility applications

We live in a world of process isolation and tools that make utilizing it extremely simple, with apps like Docker we can perform dependency management with dependency isolation. As I am slowly becoming a fanboy of containerization, I look forward to the day when typing ps on my local workstation or remote server is nearly synonymous with commands like docker ps or kubectl get services. Case: Cassandra development and your local workstation.

Don't Install Emacs

Containers as utility applications

I grew up on emacs. One of my first jobs I sat down at a terminal and was editing some files with pico, it’s what I knew since I used that fantastic email client pine. I was quickly told by my the lead developer that I need to use a real text editor if I’m going to progress in my career. He told me I need to try emacs, and after suffering through a few weeks of memorizing multi command-char sequences and training the muscle memory in my pinky to perform bizarre contortions of my left hand just to save my file, I became a convert.

Kubernetes Overview

Container Orchestration & Microservices

Getting started with Kubernetes for local development. I develop on a Mac however much of this is easily translated to windows. The following is primarily a getting started guide wrapped around my personal development notes. This set of notes are specifically for my co-workers in helping them get up to speed quickly. If you see an error feel free to make a pull request or just add an issue. Contents Deeper Reading and Resources Free Courses Paid Courses Prerequisites Test Installation Get some status Architecture Create a Deployment Useful Commands Support this blog!