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Posted by Craig Johnston on Monday, January 1, 2018

I drive the vision and development of advanced software applications and user experience at Deasil Cognitive and Deasil Works. I have been developing software for over 25 years.

I lead a talented team of software development and creative engineers, covering many industries looking to collect, analyze, move, buffer, queue, process and present data in significant ways. My expertise and that of my team revolve around microservices, artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning and blockchain technologies.

I have helped lead my team to significantly improve productivity and return on investment across many client projects; leveraging Kubernetes, Docker, Golang, Cassandra, Kafka and Elastic to name a few. My team and I are developing more productive, stable, clean and faster applications than we ever have in the past, and the results are beautiful and innovative IOT management systems, IOT implementations, mobile applications, business intelligence and data management platforms.

As the former Director of R&D at Napster and later a hand full of Universal and Sony subsidiaries, I have been fortunate to spend many of my early days on the bleeding edge, in the open green fields of new media and disruptive technology.

I architected NBC.com’s first unified web platform and “NBC Live,” a real-time, second-screen, synchronized television experience for NBC viewers. I developed web, mobile and experiential live technologies for Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails.) Working in the heart of the entertainment industry has put me in the hands of some of the most creative and demanding individuals, looking to push the limits and standout in this crowded field of innovators.

Developing software and architecting solutions are my hobbies as well as my profession. I spend the majority of my free time learning new technologies, studying best practices and improving my understanding of current and legacy applications, concepts, languages, algorithms, platforms, techniques and trends.

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