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A Microservices Workflow with Golang and Gitlab CI

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Many of the resources on Cloud Native Microservices show you how easy it is to get up and running with AWS or GKE. I think this is great but for the fact that I see a trend (in my clients at least) of associating concepts with particular products or worse, companies. I love Amazon, but it’s not THE cloud). In my opinion, to embrace Cloud Native and Microservices you should develop some, and host them yourself.

Microservices & Kubernetes


The following is a collection of articles, videos, and notes on Microservices. The Microservices architecture is a variant of the service-oriented architecture, a collection of loosely coupled services. Articles Background concept - “Open Data: Small Pieces Loosely Joined”, Tim O‚ÄôReilly Modern software design problems and solutions - “12-Fractured Apps”, Kelsey Hightower (SysAdmin @ Google) 12-Factor Defined - “The 12-Factor App”, Adam Wiggins Pros and Cons of Microservices - “Microservices” and Microservice Trade-Offs, Martin Fowler “What are containers and why do you need them?

Kubernetes Overview

Container Orchestration & Microservices

Getting started with Kubernetes for local development. I develop on a Mac however much of this is easily translated to windows. The following is primarily a getting started guide wrapped around my personal development notes. This set of notes are specifically for my co-workers in helping them get up to speed quickly. If you see an error feel free to make a pull request or just add an issue.