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A Microservices Workflow with Golang and Gitlab CI

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Many of the resources on Cloud Native Microservices show you how easy it is to get up and running with AWS or GKE. I think this is great but for the fact that I see a trend (in my clients at least) of associating concepts with particular products or worse, companies. I love Amazon, but it’s not THE cloud). In my opinion, to embrace Cloud Native and Microservices you should develop some, and host them yourself.

Microservices & Kubernetes


The following is a collection of articles, videos, and notes on Microservices. The Microservices architecture is a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA), a collection of loosely coupled services. Support this blog! Buy my new book: Advanced Platform Development with Kubernetes What You'll Learn Build data pipelines with MQTT, NiFi, Logstash, MinIO, Hive, Presto, Kafka and Elasticsearch Leverage Serverless ETL with OpenFaaS Explore Blockchain networking with Ethereum Support a multi-tenant Data Science platform with JupyterHub, MLflow and Seldon Core Build a Multi-cloud, Hybrid cluster, securely bridging on-premise and cloud-based Kubernetes nodes Articles Background concept - “Open Data: Small Pieces Loosely Joined”, Tim O‚ÄôReilly Modern software design problems and solutions - “12-Fractured Apps”, Kelsey Hightower (SysAdmin @ Google) 12-Factor Defined - “The 12-Factor App”, Adam Wiggins Pros and Cons of Microservices - “Microservices” and Microservice Trade-Offs, Martin Fowler “What are containers and why do you need them?

Kubernetes Overview

Container Orchestration & Microservices

Getting started with Kubernetes for local development. I develop on a Mac however much of this is easily translated to windows. The following is primarily a getting started guide wrapped around my personal development notes. This set of notes are specifically for my co-workers in helping them get up to speed quickly. If you see an error feel free to make a pull request or just add an issue. Contents Deeper Reading and Resources Free Courses Paid Courses Prerequisites Test Installation Get some status Architecture Create a Deployment Useful Commands Support this blog!