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Ethereum Ethstats

Learning the Ethereum Blockchain through its metrics.

The eth-netstats project provides a great dashboard interface for monitoring the status of an Ethereum Blockchain from the perspective of its nodes. The website reports statistics from an extensive list of Ethereum nodes on the public Ethereum Blockchain, however, the eth-netstats software that drives can also be used to monitor a Private Ethereum Blockchchain as I demonstrate in the previous article Deploy a Private Ethereum Blockchain on a Custom Kubernetes Cluster.

Ethereum Blockchain on Kubernetes

Deploy a Private Ethereum Blockchain on a Custom Kubernetes Cluster.

Blockchain technologies have been made famous by Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the concepts behind Blockchain are far more reaching than their support for cryptocurrency. Blockchain technologies now support any digital asset, from signal data to complex messaging, to the execution of business logic through code. Blockchain technologies are rapidly forming a new decentralized internet of transactions. Support this blog! Buy my new book: Advanced Platform Development with Kubernetes What You'll Learn Build data pipelines with MQTT, NiFi, Logstash, MinIO, Hive, Presto, Kafka and Elasticsearch Leverage Serverless ETL with OpenFaaS Explore Blockchain networking with Ethereum Support a multi-tenant Data Science platform with JupyterHub, MLflow and Seldon Core Build a Multi-cloud, Hybrid cluster, securely bridging on-premise and cloud-based Kubernetes nodes Kubernetes is an efficient and productive platform for the configuration, deployment, and management of private blockchains.