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Kubernetes Port Forwarding for Local Development

Using kubefwd

kubefwd helps to enable a seamless and efficient way to develop applications and services on a local workstation. Locally develop applications that intend to interact with other services in a Kubernetes cluster. kubefwd allows applications with connection strings like http://elasticsearch:9200/ or tcp://db:3306 to communicate into the remote cluster. kubefwd can be used to reduce or eliminate the need for local environment specific connection configurations. I don't run Kubernetes locally, but I do depend on services running in remote clusters.

Raspberry Pi - Serial Number

Getting the unique serial number from a Raspberry Pi.

Getting the unique serial number from a Raspberry Pi. cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ^Serial | cut -d":" -f2 Example output: 00000000e215b4a2 An interesting use for this is “binding” software, encryption or other servcies to a specific Pi. Found this in a suggestion on the Stack Overflow question “Securing data on SD card Raspberry Pi” Support this blog! Buy my new book: Advanced Platform Development with Kubernetes What You'll Learn Build data pipelines with MQTT, NiFi, Logstash, MinIO, Hive, Presto, Kafka and Elasticsearch Leverage Serverless ETL with OpenFaaS Explore Blockchain networking with Ethereum Support a multi-tenant Data Science platform with JupyterHub, MLflow and Seldon Core Build a Multi-cloud, Hybrid cluster, securely bridging on-premise and cloud-based Kubernetes nodes