Kubernetes Custom Upstream DNS

Customize upstream DNS resolution.

Posted by Craig Johnston on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Customize the Upstream Nameservers used by kube-dns by Pods when looking up external hostnames from within a Kubernetes cluster. I found that adding custom Upstream Nameservers to my kube-dns solved many issues encountered in in the past with external hostname resolution on individual Pods.

If you want to experiment on a production-like cluster, I suggest reading my article “Production Hobby Cluster” for a guide on setting up a fun, cheap-yet-robust experimental cluster.

The following configuration sets the Upstream Nameservers to use Google’s DNS servers and

You can apply the above configuration with the following command:

kubectl apply -f https://gist.githubusercontent.com/cjimti/3a500e8efffa1fcaedda8b844c7d6aa7/raw/ae7329733452dda8cce573fb78f33c22c65cb3fa/00-kube-dns-upstream.yml

If you are having trouble with DNS on your Kubernetes cluster, you may want to read the official documentation on Debugging DNS Resolution.

Port Forwarding / Local Development

Check out kubefwd for a simple command line utility that bulk forwards services of one or more namespaces to your local workstation.

If in a few days you find yourself setting up a cluster in Japan or Germany on Linode, and another two in Australia and France on vultr, then you may have just joined the PHC (Performance Hobby Clusters) club. Some people tinker late at night on their truck, we benchmark and test the resilience of node failures on our overseas, budget kubernetes clusters. It’s all about going big, on the cheap.

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